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US-China talks this week

Happy Monday, it sounds like it will be a busy week in US-China relations.

I am hearing that the the US and China are restarting the Diplomatic and Security Dialogue this week in DC. PRC defense minister Wei Fenghe and top foreign affairs official Yang Jiechi will be here this week. I believe Yang is arriving tomorrow 11.6 and will be here through the 10th, am not sure on Wei's timing. 

Assuming what I am hearing is true, and so far there have been no official announcements, one thing to watch will be whether or not Yang gets a meeting or at least a drop by handshake with President Trump.

I am also hearing that Liu He may come to DC soon after if it looks like there is progress towards at least a framework deal at the G20. If Liu does schedule a DC visit expect markets to get excited. 

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